OpenApp Profile

The  Company  OpenApp  deals  with  implementing  and  adjusting  Open­Source  products  for companies and organizations. 

Our  customers  include  the  Ministry  of  Defense,  Many  Hospitals,  Tel Aviv University,  Technion, Alvarion, National Institute for Testing and Evaluation, El­Al, Motorola and more. 


The company deals within four domains: 

● Hospital Multimedia Systems, this system is a smart integration of Open­Source tools and code that the company developed. The system lets every hospital visitor get TV channels, VOD, Internet and games near his bed. Some of the services are not free and can simply be ordered  through  the  credit­card. The  whole  system ­  including connections to credit­card companies and billing ­ is maintained by OpenApp LTD.   To “feel” the system you can watch the attached movie  here. (

 ● Open  Source CMSes such as Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress.  Our company developed advanced applicative web sites using these technologies, that includes racing in inscription to systems, E­commerce including credit cards and billing, advanced web sites and more.  

● Moodle - ­ Moodle (acronym for Modular Object­Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a  free  software  e­learning  platform,  also  known  as  a  Learning  Management  System,  or Virtual  Learning  Environment  (VLE).  Atar  +  Plus  is  the  leading  company  in  Israel  that supports the Academy Moodle system implementation, and develop, integrate and support Moodle in companies such as Ceragon, comverse, El ­Al and more. 

● Custom  made  Web Applications  for  special  applications  that  have special requirements that aren’t found on CMSes. For these cases we use PHP Frameworks such as Cake PHP and Smarty. These technologies allow us to use standards in coding and databases and make the code easier to read/change and maintain. These applications includes BI on data that is collected from multiple sources, automation of reports emails and more.

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